Auteur : Jossy
Date : 12/10/2012
Balade hier dans Veules les roses. Nos yeux ont e9te9 attire9s par la jolie vitrine du realis des artistes , nous sommes rentre9s et au fur et e0 mesure de nos pas nous avons trouve9 des merveilles. L accueil est tre8s chaleureux, le magasin bien garni, n he9sitez pas e0 aller jusqu au bout qui nous me8ne dans un petit jardin ravissant. Me9rite le de9tour !!!!

Auteur : Blicks
Date : 29/07/2015
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Auteur : Rangle
Date : 15/05/2016
I have been depress all my life never enjoy any moment, for my family a I am shame and not accepted at all never had any kind of day with out it, I always watch different meetings and douenemtarics when I saw your show I would like to get brain scan the last time I wrote I did not get any answer hope you can respond this times Thanks.

Auteur : Lolly
Date : 16/05/2016
Hi AaTnh,roanks for the kind words. I think your explanation is right on. God’s character does not change so it makes perfect sense that God rewards those who are faithful to Him. The Jews went through 70 years of captivity and then God blessed them by bringing them back to their land. We also go through trials and He will reward those who trust in Him.In many of these cases, there are definitely principles that can be carried over and applied to the church, but the particular promises were made to and for Israel.

Auteur : Sundance
Date : 16/05/2016
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Auteur : Tish
Date : 17/05/2016
Most wiper arms will let you change just the blade its self.But since you ha&;1v#82n7et changed them in so long it’s a good idea if you change the whole thing.The springs and pins become weak and stiff and won’t do a good job of cleaning the windshield once ther so old.

Auteur : Barbi
Date : 18/05/2016
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